Focus on Priorities


Climate Change threatens the places we love.  Heavier rains and high winds bring more power outages and dangerous blowdowns.  Warmer summers and milder winters negatively affect our lakes and wildlife habitats.  The United States is second in the world in carbon dioxide emission which is the prime contributor to climate change.  I am concerned with the challenges we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.  We need to work together to plan a comprehensive and integrated transition to clean energy that will sustain our social, economic, and environmental future. 

As your Minnesota state representative, I will prioritize:

  • Boosting programs that reduce our state’s carbon footprint while simultaneously creating new, good-paying jobs.

  • Modernizing energy production and investing in the transportation grid.

  • Incentivizing business to modernize their energy use.

  • Make Minnesota a science and technology hub – spearheading research, development, and evaluation of energy and environmental innovations (e.g., bioplastics).


What other solutions would you support?