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Focus on Priorities


As a local business owner, international entrepreneur and a daughter of small business owners, I have a life-long understanding that small businesses and good jobs are the lifeblood of our community.

As your St. Cloud City Council member, I will prioritize:

  • Assuring that the recovery continues to boost business success as well as livable wage for workers.

  • Focusing on smart, economic growth.

  • Pushing for livable wage jobs and available workforce housing.

  •  Leveraging our strengths (e.g., airport; location to highways; higher education opportunities)

  • Boosting work-based development, apprenticeship, and job training opportunities in Cental Minnesota.

  • Support investment in science and technology: research, innovation, and growth options for our residents and businesses.

  • Advocating for continued passage of a fiscally sound bonding bills to maintain St. Cloud's roads, bridges, and infrastructure.


What other solutions would you support?

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