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Focus on Priorities


Everyone should have access to the health care they need, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, employment status or income level.

Universal health care, according to the World Health Organization, “reduces the risk that people will be pushed into poverty because unexpected illness requires them to use up their life savings, sell assets, or borrow – destroying their future and often those of their children.”

Many developed countries have this type of care. We deserve it, just as we deserve access to paid family leave for all. When workers are supported to care for their families, the family’s health improves as does the mental health of the worker, which in turn enhances productivity.

As your Minnesota state representative, I would work to:

  • Study various forms of universal health care that exist elsewhere and work toward a plan for Minnesotans.

  • Work with business and industry toward paid family leave for all workers.

  • Work with the mental health industry to develop a plan available for people of all ages to access mental health services.


What other solutions would you support?

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