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Focus on Priorities


The term “senior” covers a four-decade age range, but does not do justice to the varying needs, expectations, and continuing contributions of the many unique individuals it attempts to define.
As your Minnesota state representative, I will prioritize:
  • Assuring that services support each individual’s choice of housing … the family home, group environment, or assisted facility.
  • Working to provide safe and affordable access to health care that reflects the unique health needs of each senior.
  • Assuring transportation options.
  • Fighting to address issues of accessibility and improving walkability at the community level.
  • Promoting fall education and prevention.
  • Addressing food access disparities among our seniors.
  • Assuring adequate staffing, supervision, and appropriate inspection of living facilities.
  • Working with our Congressional delegation to protect the benefits which our seniors have earned: Social Security and Medicare.


What other solutions would you support?

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