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Focus on Priorities


As a teacher for 34 years in the St. Cloud public schools, I experienced firsthand what motivates students – and what happens when public schools are forced to make difficult decisions regarding programming.

I saw the negative effects of No Child Left Behind when important curriculum was cut in favor of teaching students how to take and pass the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments. Students who were new to our country and unfamiliar with the English language were tested and scored along with the rest of the student population, causing the district’s test scores to drop.

This was a poorly planned and poorly executed program.

I also saw how unfunded mandates caused teachers, administrators, and students to struggle.

As your Minnesota state representative, I will prioritize:

  • Ensuring that mandates to provide special education teachers and staff are also funded by the state.

  • Reducing class sizes, and support music, arts, sports, and other curricular programs with funding.

  • Ensuring additional instruction time to help students achieve to grade level.

  • Appropriately supporting teachers and staff when working extra classroom time.


What other solutions would you support?

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